Welcome to our Pretty Party Shop where we sell beautiful, cool, and on-trend partyware that we source from all over the world, we even make some of it ourselves in South Africa. Our products are from Australia, San Francisco; Paris; Brooklyn and Cape Town!


We both love to entertain.
We both love pretty things.

We started Lucky Lulu Party Shop, a boutique online party shop filled with the latest on-trend party pieces to inspire you to celebrate life’s special occasions in style. 

We both come from hardcore industries - girl power to the max, Kerry as a television commercials producer and Kirsty as an events caterer. 

We share a love for hilarious conversation, happy days and wanted more time with our young families whilst keeping our brains whizzing.

We both have gorgeous daughters named Lucy, nicknamed Lulu.

We are lucky.
We are Lucky Lulu.
Love, Kerry & Kirsty x