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We get a lot of questions about balloons.  Please look below for some frequently asked questions and answers.

Do the balloons arrive inflated?  

All of our balloons are sent out flat and not inflated. We recommend you take your balloons to your local party shop to inflate with helium. Alternatively you can use a bicycle pump to inflate with air, or blow them up personally! 

You can buy helium canisters online as a solution for parties away from the city centre or on public holidays.

Tiny Balloons - Can I fill with helium? 

These 12cm balloons are not designed to be used with helium as they will only hold a tiny quantity, if you do wish to add helium however please note that they will float for approx 2 - 3 hours. We advise that if you fill with helium then use only a cotton thread as a string as they will not float holding anything heavier. 

Clear and Confetti balloons - Why aren't they see through? 

Clear latex balloons are cream not transparent before they are inflated. When inflated to the correct size they will be a little misty before becoming transparent.

Confetti Balloons - How do I make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon? 

Filling a confetti balloon with air not helium will result in the confetti sticking to the insides of the balloon which looks fabulous, however with only pure helium inside the balloon the confetti may pool in the bottom of the balloon, which is pretty but doesn't give the effect that some people want. To make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon it can help to create some static within the balloon by rubbing the balloon on hair or clothing. Another way to make the confetti cover the insides is to fill the balloon with a mix of air and helium, fill the balloon with a few puffs of air and then 90% helium. We do not recommend popping the metallic confetti balloons, but popping the paper confetti is great fun!

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